Relax while GPCats watches over your cat

GPCats GPS tracker made just for cats allows you to locate your cat anytime, anywhere. Use your smartphone and GPCats cat collar to get the location of your cat!

Finally a GPS Tracking Collar made just for cats!

GPCATS is light weight location tracker designed by veterinarian Dr. Michael Streicher. GPCATS is a brand created by GPTRACKS UG in Oberursel, Germany. We specialise in creating products and apps for pet owners.



GPCATS comes with an easy release safety collar. Of course it is not a requirement to use the collar we send you, but we do recommend that each owner considers the safety and well being of all your pets.



This GPS tracking collar is super sleek weighing less than 15 grams, making it the lightest GPS tracker just for cats. It’s sturdy and made to fit safely and comfortably around your cat.



Simply fasten the collar around your cat’s and enter the Device ID into your smartphone app. That’s all: You can now see your cat’s actual location! Relax and enjoy.



If you check out our different offers for the GPCats GPS cat tracker, you’ll find out that there are several fair and reasonably priced options available for you, so you can choose the option that works best for you.


We certainly don’t like feeling guilty or worried… and nobody want’s to be a control freak either. What we need is peace of mind and comfort, especially when it concerns our loved ones! Our cats are members of our families and GPCats is helping to make their world a safer place, one family member at a time.
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Find out where your cat roams...

Cats are mostly territorial animals. Meaning, most cats establish an area (home base) for sleeping, eating, hunting and mating. Though territorial, cats at times can venture beyond their home base making it difficult to locate them. Having GPCats helps owners gain a better understanding of their cats territorial area and places of interest. And hopefully in a time of need, we can make it easier for you to find your cat with the help of GPCats. Click below to find out more about GPCats...

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